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6 Most Effective Social Media Platforms in Singapore 2022

August 17, 2022
Social Media has become increasingly important in our lives. Most of us go through the day with eg. Instagram by our side. They are helpful as our daily update about the happenings around the world, and an effective tool for Marketers to stay connected with their brand loyals and/or reach out to covert potential audiences.    […]
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8 Popular Niches That Are Perfect for Influencer Marketing

August 10, 2022
The world of social media is not full of its own surprises. Similar to how high-end fashion brands spring collaboration surprises every now and then (think the recent Gucci and Adidas collaboration), brands are constantly seeking alternative methods to zoom in on specific (and often surprising) target groups to breathe life into their equity. This […]
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Why Choose Micro-Influencer Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Influencer Marketing is defined as a form of marketing that taps onto the influence of key opinion leaders to deliver a brand’s message through channels where they thrive in. In the context of this article, Social Media Platforms.  The benefits of utilizing these online platforms are further amplified with 42% of shoppers in a global […]
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Checklist to Ace Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Brands, big and small have gravitated to Digital Marketing as their primary strategy for growing their presence. Its dynamic and cost-effectiveness have made it easy for everyone to tailor their marketing steps to achieve relevant goals.  Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok now, have their entire framework designed around optimizing content engagement […]
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How To Find Niche Influencers That Fit Your Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing is here to stay. There are plenty of influencers (budding and established) in every possible interest group you can think of, and every day, the pool just gets wider.  Engaging an Influencer for your brand is not what it used to be. It requires paying closer attention to every nuance. They are the […]
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The Cost of Influencer Marketing in Singapore

Influencer Marketing is defined to be a paid format of word-of-mouth. The rise of this strategy is credited to today’s audience discerns. Brands saw that regular advertisements were no longer as effective, they went back to the fundamentals of what worked and boom, Influencer Marketing in Singapore was conceived.  This form of Marketing is catching […]
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The Different Types of Content Influencers in Singapore

June 20, 2022
Influencer content simply means content that is worked with 3rd parties. This strategy uses the best of both worlds to optimize the messaging reach. Utilizing this method of approach would entail a research and planning phase before engaging an outsider to be part of the Brand’s voice. This could be daunting considering that more than […]
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Influencer Marketing Trends to Expect from Singapore 2022

Social Media platforms today do more than just connect and update our circle with what’s going on in our lives. Since its inception, it has grown exponentially especially when the pandemic happened. It has now transformed into a powerful tool for brands to effectively reach out and communicate. Image Credit to To stay ahead […]
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Why Influencer Marketing Works in Singapore

Influencer Marketing is the latest kid in the Marketing town. The kid that has altered the marketing landscape with its targeted approach. More and more brands are channelling most of their budgets (for some, it is their only primary advertising) to this plan of action because of its ability to capture impressive ROI.  Credit to […]
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How to Develop a Foolproof Influencer Marketing Strategy

In recent years, Influencer Marketing has been the talk of the Marketing Town. It has impacted Marketers globally on how they fundamentally plan and allocate their budget. While it is relatively old news that this form of strategy works beautifully, Brands all over the world still face new challenges every day due to how dynamic […]
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