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How to Develop a Foolproof Influencer Marketing Strategy

In recent years, Influencer Marketing has been the talk of the Marketing Town. It has impacted Marketers globally on how they fundamentally plan and allocate their budget. While it is relatively old news that this form of strategy works beautifully, Brands all over the world still face new challenges every day due to how dynamic it is. Thus, having a post-mortem evaluation is just as essential as any mid-point checkpoints review. 

What’s an Influencer Marketing Strategy without Influencers? The field of them in Singapore is ever-growing, and many brands allow prior research to go to waste because of how daunting it is. Simply imagine scanning through hundreds of profiles for about 3 days straight, only to find 2 that are suitable for your campaign. There are shortcuts to this, and the most effective way is to engage an influencer agency in Singapore to do the heavy lifting for you. Other more popular methods in Singapore are, (a) using hashtags (and if the brand does not have to rely on traditional search terms in related categories.), (b) Googling (c ) Enlisting brand loyal

#1 - Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to consolidate all related posts for a brand to understand the current consumers’ status. Influencers typically use hashtags to put themselves out there for opportunities. By analysing hashtags, a brand is able to locate the influencer, find out immediately necessary engagement metrics (eg. Likes, Follower Count, Engagement Rate, Post Frequency etc.) and lastly, check the content’s resonance. If deemed suitable, sliding into their DMs would be the next step to understanding if both the brand and influencer are aligned. 

#2 - Google

A revolutionary search engine platform, Google has managed to ingrain itself pretty much into our daily lives. The application can inform the brand through their search alert function for Marketers to find out a magnitude of things that include the health of the brand, who is communicating about it, competitors’ every move, targeted niches and everything else! All it requires for these to do sent directly to you, are keywords input by the brand. By receiving real-time updates, a brand is able to leverage the timeliness of the information and reach out to relevant influencers for partnership. Eg. Micro-influencer, so-and-so has been talking about food recently. His following seems to be relating and engaging with the produced content well. Perhaps we are able to partner with him for the upcoming campaign on our new flavoured drink launch. 

#3 - Brand Loyals

Sometimes, the right one is right before our eyes. We just do not see it. Brand loyals, loosely defined, are people who have been following the brand willingly without any form of incentive. They are the brand’s fans who believe in their offering wholeheartedly. This group of people need almost no motivation on the Brand’s part to advocate for it. So, why not include them as part of your online campaign?

Daniel Wellington had built their entire watch empire by including them. It provided them with the necessary credibility that enticed people outside their brand to join their following and co-create their content. The initiative called #DWPickofTheDay was so well-received that to date, not only is the campaign still running but it has gathered a whopping 61.2K posts on Instagram alone. 

influencer marketing strategy - brand loyals

Credit to #DWPickofTheDay

A well-defined strategy is only 50% of the job done. Given how volatile and sensitive the marketing environment is, reviews during execution at different time phases is just as important as when a brand is conceptualizing the plan of action. It is with regular critical internal reviews that the Brand may constantly optimize and anticipate what might be the next challenge to overcome. If the strategy at any moment hints at going downwards, necessary action may be taken to minimise the blow. The same goes for if something is exceeding expectations, then the question will be how much more can this be pushed and capitalised on.

As Businesses, Brands, Marketers and Agencies, it is our duty to be quick on our toes in order to stay ahead of the curve. Influencer Marketing in Singapore is a tactic that enlists the assistance of 3rd parties to move towards a common goal that is beneficial all around. When used to their fullest potential, brands are able to grow exponentially and create impactful connections


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