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5 Careful Considerations of Working with Parent Influencers

October 5, 2023
Parent influencers have risen to prominence as powerful voices in recent times. These influencers share their personal journeys and insights into parenthood. Collaborating with parent influencers can be a highly effective strategy for brands looking to connect with families and parents. They often have a dedicated and engaged following that trusts their recommendations and values […]
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Beauty Influencer Marketing: How to Collaborate with Experts

September 29, 2023
With their considerable sway over beauty enthusiasts, Beauty influencers have established themselves as trendsetters. Their relatability and personability have made them indispensable to brands today. They have the ability to impact purchasing decisions and create a nurturing ground to turn one-time consumers into brand loyals. Their role has evolved to surpass just creating looks into […]
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Lifestyle Influencer Marketing: Engaging with Authenticity

September 15, 2023
Lifestyle influencers have become prominent figures in shaping consumer trends and preferences. In Singapore, the influence of lifestyle influencers has grown exponentially, with their ability to connect with audiences on a personal level and share their unique perspectives on fashion, food, travel, and more. Authenticity has become the key to maintaining a loyal and engaged […]
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Social Media Influencers vs Traditional Advertising: What to Know

September 1, 2023
How we are consuming information has evolved and will always be evolving. One thing that has remained consistent is our opinion on word-of-mouth. Long gone are the days in which we move down the purchasing funnel after viewing a television ad or outdoor poster. Today, a brand hopes to achieve an immediate search intent for […]
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5 Long-Term Influencer Collaborations to Consider

Partnerships are great. Long-term ones are even better. For brands, they mean stability. Such partnerships, whether B2B or B2C, are essential to keep brands and businesses running and expanding.  Partnerships and Collaborations are not limited to the traditional forms that happen behind the scenes. Influencers too, are becoming a familiar sight in long-term partnerships with […]
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User Generated Content: What Is It and How Influencers Can Help

User-Generated Content (UGC) is brand-related content created by your audience. They are not influencer content but posts that are by any regular Joe. However, this does not mean that UGCs are off-limits to influencers.  UGCs are considered an organic word-of-mouth. These posts receive no forms of compensation and they may not necessarily be from people […]
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How Influencers Build Genuine Relationships with Their Audiences

August 15, 2023
Traditional Marketing adopts a mass media strategy to reach as many people as possible. How Brands could possibly increase their conversion rate is to place ads at likely districts and neighbourhoods to capture the target audience.  In contrast, Influencer Marketing prioritises quality message penetration.  The role of an influencer today has evolved tremendously. 5 years […]
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Branded vs Influencer Content: Differences Explained

“You are what you eat”, the way we consume has an almost direct association with us. Consumers these days do not purchase products, but they invest in brands.  A simple example to illustrate is the global chokehold Lululemon had in the yoga activewear industry. Many people almost exclusively wear only their line of sportswear. Even […]
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4 Content Ideas for Brands Using Malaysian Tech Influencers

August 1, 2023
Malaysia’s ICT Market is forecasted to grow to USD 36.42 billion by 2028. The current market size is about USD 25.29 billion (Mordor Intelligence)  Brands, Marketers and Advertisers, REJOICE! Bringing the view to a micro scale, there were an estimated 30.25 million social media users recorded in the country. This is effectively, 91.7% of the […]
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Why Fitness Influencers Matter for Your Health-Related Brand

June 15, 2023
Establishing a brand culture can be especially tough when the market is saturated with different types of products that deviate ever so slightly. No need for additional bells and whistles, the best solution is as simple as it can be: Direct engagement with the influencer serving your primary audience. What comes to mind when a […]
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