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Why Influencer Marketing Works in Singapore

Influencer Marketing is the latest kid in the Marketing town. The kid that has altered the marketing landscape with its targeted approach. More and more brands are channelling most of their budgets (for some, it is their only primary advertising) to this plan of action because of its ability to capture impressive ROI.

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As you would have guessed, this strategy involves influencers. While they are not new in the Marketing realm, they have evolved to present novel ways for brands in repositioning favourably in their consumers’ minds. 

The main challenge of social media marketing is that the platforms were initially created to facilitate conversations within a person’s inner circle. It became widely successful in sharing information and experiences that Brands saw as a capitalisation opportunity that they never had - the ability to extend the brand’s voice to (a) reach new audiences (b)drive their ROI (c) build credibility. 

Traditionally, Marketers would find it challenging to meet all of the aboved 3. Consumers today want to hear from trustworthy opinion leaders. They are like the friend you make online. You trust that they will only advocate for brands that are good. That is what Influencers mean to consumers today. Their views matter and effective Influencer Marketing is a brand’s extension in communicating aligned values and benefits. 

Influencers, especially Micro ones cater to a specific group of audience. They leverage their personal interest and experience to grow their following and credibility. Finding the right one would mean that the brand is sending its message to a very targeted group of people who actually will care about the intention. This then translates to quality audience acquisition. 

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In Singapore, there are over 1000 micro-influencers and this pool is growing every single day on every platform imaginable. From Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, to even TikTok, catering to a variety of niches and categories a brand can ever dream from. 

Ad-blockers are a shared nightmare between content creators and marketers across industries. Influencer Marketing on common social media platforms bypasses this hurdle, enabling the brand’s message to reach the audience with pinpoint accuracy. 

Collaborating with an influencer means the brand sees some visual synergy. This presents a huge opportunity for brands to be dynamic and trust in the creative vision. Any influencer brand partners up with will know what their community is looking out and therefore, it is essential that the influencer is given the liberty to express in their creative manner in order for the messaging to reach optimally. However, as a brand, you have a say in how you want to be positioned and the tone of voice.

As the highlight of Influencer Marketing in Singapore, you are able to explore different sorts of content delivery without ruining your page’s visual and communication. Below are the top 3 forms of campaigns in Singapore that have shown phenomenal engagement and is generic enough to be adapted to different concepts. 

#1 Giveaways 

Giveaways are especially good at easing your new reach into getting to know a Brand. Depending on the call to action, giveaways allow all parties involved to benefit. They offer a high level of guaranteed instant growth. If the audience the brand has targeted is similar to the existing base, the brand will likely receive a higher ROI, especially when you offer another “prize” for people who did not win. This could come in discount codes to entice the audience to give the brand a go. 

#2 Social Media Takeover

With predicted trends favouring Live Streaming, it could be a good idea to integrate these elements together. Influencer Takeovers provide a refreshing way to humanise the brand that will impact its equity. 

A prime example would be the CQLive series where it integrated (a) Live Streaming (b) Social Media Takeover (c) Giveaways. This allowed different tenants under Singapore’s nightlife hotspot to bring awareness to the tenants while increasing foot flow to the place. By tying different promotions or actively posting during the period of the series, the attention trickles to other tenants, thereby optimising its activation value. 

#3 Gifts, Unboxing and Reviews

While they are commonly done during gifting season (aka. Christmas) or product launch, this may actually be done at any given period to generate considerable buzz. It taps on people’s curiosity to increase the engagement value. The method can collaborate with YouTubers and a snippet may be shared via Instagram or TikTok, thereby increasing the area of reach. For a short, simple and sweet approach, it can be done through a series of stories and added as a highlight. 


Influencer Marketing offers endless possibilities for generating innovative reach methods. Likely, in most cases, it simple improves good ordination on the brands’ end with involved stakeholders. Consumers these days grow more discerning by the minute and Influencers are perhaps the next best person they turn to in order to justify, solidify, and know your brand.


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