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TikTok Influencer Marketing Strategies to Emulate in Singapore 2022

Staying consistently relatable with your prospects is the most important communication aspect of any marketing strategy. A savvy community has resulted in the online channel being one of the most vital ways to ensure the reach of your message.  TikTok, a recent phenomenon, has successfully established itself as THE online platform to connect with Gen […]
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A list of top Micro-influencers: Lifestyle, Parent and Beauty Influencers in Singapore in 2022

According to CMSWIRE, micro-influencers are smaller social media influencers with a following of 1000 –100,000. It is often more difficult to find micro-influencers as you have to be involved in the community to be able to spot these rising stars. But before we go into the list of top micro influencers for each space, let's […]
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What are the Types of Influencer Marketing

March 17, 2022
Does, “#AD #SponsoredPost” look familiar to you? That is one facet of the big term, Influencer Marketing and it has become one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy Brands today are allocating big budgets towards getting (both micro and macro) influencers to pose and post an image of their products onto their […]
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How to find a Reliable Social Influencer Marketing Agency

The traction that social media has gained in recent years is living proof that you always need to be 5 steps ahead of the Marketing game. Who knew that Facebook would suddenly be our way of being informed about the latest trends. Who would have thought that a 1080px by 1080px would turn the life […]
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Essential Steps in Creating A Social Media Strategy

January 27, 2022
Social media platforms are your soldiers that will work tirelessly to attain your goals. They are fast, inexpensive (sometimes free), and effective in putting your business on the map. Similar to chess, it is about strategizing your moves to maximize each step’s potential. A social media strategy is the plan overview you develop to achieve […]
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Top Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Know

January 19, 2022
Broadly defined, Influencer Marketing is a marketing communications tool that uses a 3rd party content creators to advocate a brand’s intended messaging. It is a 3Rs tactic that draws on the appeal and authenticity of an Opinion Leader. It is structured to effectively Reach a target group of audience with a Relevant narrative that will […]
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Understanding Influencers

March 29, 2020
Influencers marketing has been known as one of the most well known marketing channel for years. People may have come across such postings on social media, but not exactly aware of the purpose of why such contents are being broadcasted to public. Till present day, the term 'influencers' has became a more familiar concept with […]
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Social Media Campaign in Singapore

When a subject is raised orbiting marketing, the first thing that comes to people's' mind may be social media. To marketers, social media is becoming more popular for both practitioners and researchers. When using social media,firms or business can allow customers to interact with them and post user generated contents (e.g. online comments, product reviews) […]
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How can Influencers help with your Business Marketing?

March 29, 2020
Numerous marketing agencies and brands view this group of people as a viable channel to advertise their products and services out to the crowd. There have certainly been evident impact of consciousness created by brands through engaging influencers. An example of the a successful campaign ran is Mercedes Benz, that's achieved significant results through influencers […]
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Advertisement Blindness

When we speak of advertisement blindness, the general consensus would be that the public are referring to banner advertisements or flyers- forms of traditional advertising. These days, light has been cast on this topic “ Has traditional advertising become ineffective?”  Now, how did the surest and only means of advertising back in the days end […]
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