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How To Find Niche Influencers That Fit Your Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing is here to stay. There are plenty of influencers (budding and established) in every possible interest group you can think of, and every day, the pool just gets wider. 

Engaging an Influencer for your brand is not what it used to be. It requires paying closer attention to every nuance. They are the extension of your Brand’s voice, a representation of your image. Finding the perfect fit may mean combing through hundreds of Instagram (perhaps even TikTok now) profiles. It can be a time-consuming, frustrating and exhausting process, but it is worth the effort because the long-term goal is for a cohesive message conveyed throughout channels, and ultimately, collaboration longevity. 

The Influencer world is defined in this manner: 

How to find niche influencers

Nano: New to the game, these influencers’ following typical fall within 1k to 10k. Even with a small pool of followers, their content may create a better impact than the more established ones. 

Micro: Followers range from 10k to 50k. They are normally known to be very knowledgeable within their niche and may be considered Key Opinion Leaders.

Macro: Well-established and are somewhat considered “celebrities” in the Influencers domain. They have a following of 100k and above and are known for their extensive reach. For that, their services are usually priced the highest. 

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Understanding which line of influencers to collaborate with is a critical step toward the success of your campaign. While it may be overwhelming with the growing numbers of Influencers day by day, following the steps below may narrow down the sea to just a tiny pool. 

#1 - Define Your Campaign Objective

While it may be “Marketing 101”, it does not hurt to pen it down somewhere to guide your search. Being clear with your objective lays down the necessary steps to achieving your goal(s). They give you clarity on what line of influencers you should be focusing your efforts on, and what to look out for in your profile evaluation. 

If your objective is to increase brand engagement through loyalty, enlisting the assistance of a Macro Influencer might burst your ad budget and reap lesser rewards.

#2 - Know Your Audience

Every influencer has a set of audiences they naturally relate to. Their charm lies in their ability to connect on a personal level and thus, organically pull in a better engagement rate. Before the deep dive into selecting who might be suitable for your campaign, it will be wiser to perform an audience audit on what speaks to them. This enables you to craft a strategy that actually responds to them for your marketing dollars to make sense. 

#3 - Find Influencers in Niches

While the ideal is to convert every single person that receives your message, applying a one-size-fits-all, could potentially be detrimental. Generic messages are like spam mails that people actively block out. Influencers in their niches are like your anchor points to set necessary perimeters around your campaign so you do not deviate. Having these boundaries enables you to strategize impactfully. 

#4 - Engaging the Assistance of a Professional Agency

Arguably the most effective way, engaging an Influencer Marketing Agency could save you more than just time. They are an all-encompassing cost-effective way to ensure an all-hit rate with influencers that actually suit your brand and campaign. These professionals are able to critically analyze what is lacking and provide experience-based solutions that value-add to your campaign. Influencer Marketing Campaigns go beyond just enlisting an ideal brand representative, you need to have the market information right at your fingertips AND hop onto trends to optimize your campaign results. Professionals in the Agency not only have the connections, but they also live and breathe social media. 

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Final Words

Expanding your marketing efforts to include 3rd parties is never easy. Trusting that they do right by the brand is often a high call and unlike you, they are not as invested. While this may seem impossible, getting the right help often leads to high returns with low output of efforts and establishes enduring professional relationships. Influencer Marketing is definitely here to stay, and it is only a matter of time before every brand adopts an influencer. Make now your time to grow with a Nano / Micro Influencer and reap the rewards of their endorsement loyalty in time to come!

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