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Is Influencer Marketing Useful?

It depends on how well the product being advertised meet the needs and wants of the consumers. On top of that, how well it relates to the Influencers for them to convincingly brand the products out to their audiences.

There's no purpose in comparing different advertising channels to discover the most effective one. Channels exist because of the seperate crowds that use it. Identify the crowd to target would be the foremost strategy.

Can i get definite results from using Influencers?

We do not like to over promise our clients or proclaim that we certainly are able to meet their expectations.

Results from Influencers Marketing may not manifest immediately. It may take some time for the impact to set in depending on how attractive the product is to capture consumers interest.

What type of Influencers are we engaging?

There are four different categorization of Influencers : Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano. We focuses on the Micro group of Influencers who are ordinary people passionate in photography, writing with audiences largely made up of bona fide friends.

Do we track our Influencers profile?

Before each Influencer are invited to join our community, their profile are tracked using a data analytics software which indicates their audience interest, audience demographics, percentage of genuine followers, average post engagement rates, etc.

How can we ensure to have management or supervision over Influencers?

We will assign a campaign manager to be responsible to execute the whole campaign and coordinate collateral between Client and Influencers. Different from how our counterparts organizes their circulation. We connect with our Influencers personally hence our bonds with them are much knitted.

Frequently Asked Questions about Influencers Marketing

Influencers Marketing is a subset of Digital Marketing. If comparisons are made between google, facebook advertisements. The yields can be congregated in a more straightforward manner as compared to Influencers Marketing which focus on awareness to a greater extend to travel down the sales funnel.

Nevertheless, every forms of digital marketing are essential to the outcome of digital advertisements. Influencers Marketing's strength lies in the sway that Influencers have over their audience.