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Why Should You Engage a Micro-Influencer over a Celebrity

The time for Influencer culture to reign supreme has come. And it is now. With tiers of influencers, Brands can engage in tailoring their strategy while exploring more avenues to expand their reach. Slowly but also very surely, celebrities are also inching their way to a share of the influencer pie. Their popularity and reach […]
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The Rise of Finance Influencers in Singapore: What to Expect

Financial literacy is something that most people shun for as long as they possibly can. In the Asian Context (let alone Singapore), money and assets are sensitive topics. Think about when you go for a one-a-year family gathering, how many of your relatives are flexing their latest car purchase or house. Closer to your palm, […]
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Common Issues Faced by Malaysian Influencers & How to Solve Them

March 22, 2023
Social media has become a part of our daily ritual. As much as it was first conceived as a way to remain connected with our families and friends, the platform has pretty much evolved to include (an almost radically new) profession, Influencers.  In Malaysia, it is a growing area of professional interest as more and […]
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5 Types of Content You Can Make as a Fitness Influencer

In 2023, the new definition of a club is likely a Spin class. It seems that everyone is getting fit and fab all thanks (perhaps, no thanks too) to COVID-19. Almost everyone (at least on my feed) is somewhat of a budding fitness influencer and it is not difficult to see why.  Exercise promotes feel-good […]
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How to Change Your Micro-Influencer Status to Marco Influencer

Firstly, Congratulations on taking the next step in the Influencer industry.  Shifting from Micro to Marco influencer status is a lot like getting a promotion in the physical realm. To transit, you need to pay attention to the nuances and spot the available opportunities that may be optimised for your success.  #1 MACRO INFLUENCER DEFINITION  […]
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Micro VS Macro-Influencer: Which one does your Brand Need?

In 2023, one can expect Influencer Marketing to establish a stronger presence. Brands are prioritising their budget into this strategy and exploring various A/B testing to better tailor their message. Multiple influencers, both Macro and Micro, are cherry-picked to creatively optimise every strategy with different varying content.  Difference between Micro and Macro Influencers  Long story […]
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How to Choose the Right Singapore Social Media Influencer

Convincing an audience group into investing in your Brand takes a lot of work. Especially when people today are more informed and discerning about what image they would like to be associated with.  A personal recommendation typically does the trick in persuading anyone to try the brand. They make a world of difference when the […]
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3 Ways Parent Influencers Impact Marketing in Singapore

Wellness and Well-being have been the talk of the town, and no one knows what they truly are other than … your Mom and Dad. We instinctively turn to them for advice and we trust them with all our hearts. Truth be told, they may be considered the OG influencers. Just think about the times […]
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4 Ways a TikTok Influencer Agency Can Help Your Brand

January 12, 2023
TL;DR: TikTok is one of the fastest-growing online social platform. The Gen Z-dominated app topped the download charts in 2022, with 672 million app downloads.    (No surprise here) The popularity has opened up a new agency channel, known simply as TikTok Influencer Agency. So … What is a TikTok Influencer Agency? A: They are companies […]
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How Beauty Influencers Are Boosting Singapore Brands in 2023

January 5, 2023
The role that beauty influencers in Singapore play in the highly digitalised world has been one that is almost understated. If we draw a Venn diagram for social media channels and the beauty industry, we will notice that fundamentally, they are similar. Both are driven by sight.   Increasingly, more brands locally are dipping their brushes […]
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