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Influencer Marketing Trends to Expect from Singapore 2022

Social Media platforms today do more than just connect and update our circle with what’s going on in our lives. Since its inception, it has grown exponentially especially when the pandemic happened. It has now transformed into a powerful tool for brands to effectively reach out and communicate.

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To stay ahead of the social media game, it is crucial to be in sync with the audience’s behaviour to engage meaningfully. Understanding this will enable brands and agencies alike to trend-jack and create viral content. With this also comes valuable insights into the current marketplace that marketers across may capitalise on. 

The new norm that ensued has made live streaming an effective way to ensure engagement with targeted audiences. Offered on most major social platforms, Live streaming presents unparalleled convenience for consumers and brands to engage in real-time. However, this manner of engagement requires high coordination on the Brand’s end to ensure optimum success.

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Vertical format videos are here to stay. (Much to video purists’ dismay). It has become the new norm for viewing information. Their claim to fame is none other than TikTok, where videos are structured to be naturally part of the user’s way of phone usage. Such format video also holds the viewer’s attention longer which will assist in optimising more organic reach.

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TikTok, a predominantly Gen Z platform, rose to success in recent years. Its simple and fuss-free platform is a result of taking the best out of each mega social network player, and detailed observation of the wants of the audience. In 2021, it saw a 40.8% growth rate and there is no sign of slowing down, with more and more brands today requesting to be present on TikTok. The video-focused social networking app has changed the course of Influencer Marketing in SIngapore and informed the consumption way. Today, engagement is better when the video is short and sweet. The simple expression of a moment in time provides a just-in-time entertainment break that latches on. This success has led to Instagram taking action and releasing Instagram Reels to obtain a piece of the pie. 

The platform too, is excellent for reaching new audiences. Its interface allows videos to be downloaded and shared freely outside the platform. This opens up opportunities for the content (and app too) to reach audiences who are outside the network. 

Knowing where the trend is headed is only half the battle won. The next half entails who might be the best messenger of your brand. Micro-Influencers are generating a lot of conversation of late. While this group of opinion leaders’ reach seems less than bigger well-known influencers, they make up for it with a better-engaged following. This translate to a higher chance of driving conversions.

Micro-Influencers hold a very special position in the Influencer market. While they are concerned with growing their base, they are still mindful of their reputation. They are typically more conscientious of the type of collaborations associated with them. Their objective is to be an authoritative point of reference. They value credibility. This is why brands that engage with them generally see far better ROI as compared to when they engage with bigger more well-known names. 

Brands are always on the lookout for a fresher way to engage with consumers. Micro-Influencers’ area of expertise lies in being able to relate on a deeper level with their niche. Without spending a huge amount of advertising budget, they can leverage their narratives to bring out the brand’s essence to their community.

In a post-pandemic world, Micro-Influencers are essential keys to opening up a new audience market, experimenting with more creative formats in connecting and communicating with specific groups of people, and lastly, impact reliably and credibly that traditionally was expensive and long to do.


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