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6 Most Effective Social Media Platforms in Singapore 2022

August 17, 2022

Social Media has become increasingly important in our lives. Most of us go through the day with eg. Instagram by our side. They are helpful as our daily update about the happenings around the world, and an effective tool for Marketers to stay connected with their brand loyals and/or reach out to covert potential audiences.   

Just in Singapore alone, more than 70% of businesses (small, medium and big) has at least 1 social media platform. These channels are used predominantly to improve the brand’s connectivity as well as equity through active promotion of credentials, products, and services, to name a few. Social media has provided brands with a levelled competitive field to gain market share, and likewise, it has assisted consumers to be better informed. 

There is no denying how powerful Social Media Marketing can be when done right. The Daniel Wellington empire was built purely on harnessing the right tactics of social media marketing. While there are many channels that you can go about, here are 6  top platforms that you should keep an eye out for. 


The one that started it all. Facebook has changed the entire online landscape and evolved since its launch in 2004 in a garage. The now multi-billion listed company has over 2 billion active users. Recently re-introduced as Meta, the still-growing platform has outlasted its competitors - Friendster and MySpace, by leveraging on building connections amongst its users. The platform assists starting businesses make their online mark through dedicated pages and groups. They also redefined the advertising game by spearheading cost-effective ads that are automatically and easily optimized for the best results. 


Highly popular with the younger generations, Instagram redefined meal times (You are most definitely guilty of the “the phone eats first” phenomenon at some point). This photo-sharing application that now includes video, has snapped its way into the hearts and minds of businesses with its simple interface and straightforward targeted ad creation. The platform has transformed the manner people consume information and Marketers worldwide are obsessed with predicting its algorithm. 

With stories, and more recently reels introduced, Instagram has proven time and again that it is here to stay no matter the competition.


The fun brother of LinkedIn and now synonymous with Elon Musk, Twitter first started as a platform for users to post mindless self-chatter. The 280 characters channel has since transformed into an efficient way to stay updated with current news and ongoing #hashtag trends. It is perhaps the only application that is highly driven by appropriate hashtags. 

Increasing their character count was a good start, but now, Twitter offers features that Marketers can capitalize on, namely, the ability in creating short videos, host polls, and share pictures and links. 

This channel is highly informative. Businesses seeking to provide slightly formal content may explore this channel.


Released in 2003 (Yes, it is older than Facebook), LinkedIn blossomed just before 2020 in Singapore to become the platform to be for professionals. It is arguably the preferred platform to seek out career opportunities and e-network. The channel has assisted companies and brands of all sizes to connect and build professional relationships for mutual growth. 

While it is popular in B2B (Business-to-Business), LinkedIn offers a range of services, similar to Facebook, that Marketers can use and develop their brands. Advertising on the platform starts at a higher price point, but it could be well worth the dollars if you have an in-depth understanding of your target audience as well as a very clear and precise goal. 


As a founding father of video content, YouTube is a fantastic marketing platform for video-centric information. The platform reaches out to a large global audience and has ad capabilities that tap on content creators’ videos. This value adds to businesses running brand awareness campaigns and allows the business to profit through direct and indirect ad promotions.


The recent sensation that has taken everyone by storm and threatened Instagram’s standing, TikTok is known for addictive short videos. The platform has opened up a world of creativity with its hassle-free framework that includes filers and special effects that altered the manner content engages. Pivotal to their success was their focus on enabling communities to nurture organically, thereby, connecting the world.

With more and more viral trends emerging from the platform, Marketers looking to primarily target Generation Z should explore this option as their strategy in remaining relevant.   


Not all social media are created equally. Some businesses work better on certain platforms while others create outstanding impacts on another. The rule of thumb is to at least have 2 separate channels where you can experiment with different tones of voice to figure out what works best. The baseline should remain as what brand image you want for your business and finding the right channels to aid in the reinforcement. Social channels are there to enhance your market presence. Only with clarity in your goal, may you steer confidently in the right direction. 

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