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Pioneer of Influencer Marketing

Over 7 Years, 1,000+ Campaigns Launched
Established the agency back in early 2016 preceding the rise of Influencer Marketing, we are one of the early agency partners.

As an esteemed regional influencer marketing agency with multiple accolades, X10 Media has established itself as a pioneer, 
consistently staying ahead on every platform within the Influencer Marketing sphere.

This has enabled the agency to amass vast experience through the execution of numerous campaigns across diverse 
industries on each platform.

X10 Media has acquired extensive expertise through the successful launch of 1,000+ social media campaigns for both 
MNCs & SMEs, including renowned brands such as Pepsi, Capitaland, Singtel, Warner Music, Casetify, LVMH, OPPO, 
Michael Kors, Nestle, and numerous others
Our LinkedIn Marketing Unit 
brings professional voices to 
recommend B2B brands from 
industry professionals to 
their targeted specific 
professional network
Our Social Media Influencers Unit 
with network of over 3,000 Influencers 
from Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia 
with a combined network of 
10 million reach regionally on Instagram, TikTok, XiaoHongShu & Lemon8.
Our Retargeting Technology Unit 
built to maximise campaign ROI 
and conversions for brands with personalised instagram messages 
to consumers.

     3,000+         1,800+       1,000+          300+

Total Influencers Regionally              Singapore influencers                  Malaysia influencers                      Indonesia influencers 

Micro Influencers

Micro Influencers with less than 
 30,000 followers have closer 
 relationships and trust with 
their followers. 
They serve more niche audiences 
and can be beneficial by providing 
 access to a small subset of a 
 targeted demographic.

Mid Tier Influencers

Mid-tier influencers remain a powerful group of content creators trusted
 by their followers. 
They offer brands a wide reach and 
slightly more engagements. 
Content is polished but not 
 out-of-touch, lending authenticity 
and familiarity to each post.

Macro Influencers

With their large communities, 
macro-influencers are clearly the 
stars of social networks.
They produce content very regularly,
and their content is typically more professional-looking and a better fit 
for brand's audience and goals, 
helping brands grow reputation fast.

Engaging Influencers Directly VS Working with Us

SynergyNew relationship with Influencers, expectations alignment build from scratchMany years of relationship with KOLs, Familiar with expectations
RatesAccording to Influencers' Rate CardPreferential Rate due to years of relationship
Content Quality & IdeasTaking time to research about other brands, brainstorm from scratchExperience from 7 years & 1,000+ Campaings
Response & FullfillmentSlow response from influencers via Instagram direct messagesFast Response from Influencers via Whatsapp due to familiarity with X10
Profiles SelectionManual and Limited influencers Search on Instagram/Tiktok2,000 Existing Influencers Database ready to shortlist
Products/LogisticsArrange address & products for each influencers every monthProduct delivery once to X10's office only, Distribution to influencers taken care by X10
Report & PaymentCompile insights from each influencer, build report & transfer payments to each influencerPost Insights, Report & Payment to Influencers all taken care by X10

Our Workflow & Processes

1. Discovery

To set the synergy right, gain understanding of both your brand and how X10 Media can support you.

2. Proposal

Tailored proposal delivered. Your team and X10 Media meet to align on the project.

3. Confirmation

Details are finalized and an official quote provided. Begin allocating resources for the project.

4. Understanding

'Customer-First' deep-dive into the user experience so the team fully understand your brand and can execute the campaign effectively.

5. Setup

Campaign manager is assigned, campaign set up, influencers briefed. Campaign progress update monitoring set up.

6. Selection

Set of influencer profiles recommended from our network, along profile statistics.

7. KickOff

Campaign plan, direction and scheduled finalized and approved prior to campaign roll out.

Types of Influencer Marketing Opportunities to Explore

Are you ready to harness the power of influencer marketing in Singapore? Here are some exciting opportunities you can explore to take your brand to new heights:

  • Sponsored Content - Collaborate with influencers to create engaging content that showcases your products or services.
  • Affiliate Links or Discount Codes - Offer unique discount codes or affiliate links through influencers to drive traffic and sales.
  • Contests and Giveaways - Create buzz around your brand by organizing contests or giveaways through influencers' channels.
  • Running Content from Influencers on Your Channels - Repurpose content from influencers to amplify your brand's message across your own platforms.
  • Brand Ambassadors - Establish long-term partnerships with influencers who become loyal brand advocates.

Why does Influencer Marketing Continue to Grow?

Influencer marketing has been growing for several key reasons:

  • Active Social Media Users - More individuals are becoming influencers, building personal brands with devoted followers.
  • Influencer Marketing Platforms - The rise of influencer marketing agencies facilitates smooth brand-influencer collaborations.
  • Engaging Influencer Marketing Campaigns - With diverse content options, influencers deliver unique connections with audiences.

How Ecommerce Stores Use Influencer Marketing to Scale?

Ecommerce stores are able to grow and scale their business thanks to influencer marketing strategy's benefits, which include:

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility - Let influencers expand your brand's reach to connect with new and relevant audiences.
  • Gain User-Generated Content - Build trust and authenticity by featuring influencers' content showcasing your products.
  • Increase in Trusted Testimonials - Gain credibility as influencers provide honest reviews and testimonials.
  • Promotions through Influencer Marketing Campaign - Entice potential customers with exclusive offers and promotions.
  • Harness Micro-Influencers - Collaborate with niche influencers to engage specific communities.

This is why you should join the Influencer Marketing Industry revolution today! Supercharge your brand's growth with a strategic approach that connects with your target audience.

Connecting with Influencers to Find the Best Fit

Connecting with influencers requires a thoughtful approach. You will need to understand their audience, values, and content style to find the ideal match. To find the best fit, you can explore our Singapore influencer marketing agency and influencer marketing platform for seamless collaborations.

The Role of Influencer Marketing Agencies

Influencer marketing in Singapore is growing, with many active social media users becoming influencers themselves. Ecommerce stores can take advantage of influencer marketing campaigns to gain brand visibility and consumer trust by connecting with influencers through expert agencies. Through our platform, you can unleash the true potential of influencer marketing and gain its rewards.

Advantages of Working with an Influencer Marketing Agency

Collaborating with an influencer marketing agency offers numerous advantages for your business. It can help you gain industry insights, access a diverse pool of influencers, and implement optimized marketing strategies for your influencer marketing campaign with the provided platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which social media platforms are most popular for influencer marketing in Singapore?

The most popular social media platforms for influencer marketing in Singapore are Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. To find the right social media platform for your influencer marketing campaign, leverage our influencer marketing services to implement an effective marketing strategy and launch a successful campaign across these platforms.

How do I make sure an influencer reflects my brand well?

To ensure an influencer reflects your brand well in an effective influencer marketing campaign for social media marketing, you will need to thoroughly research the influencer's content, values, and audience demographics. This alignment will help maximize the impact of your social media marketing efforts and create a successful campaign.

What level of influencer should I target?

The level of influencers you choose depends on your budget, campaign goals, and target audience. For example, consider collaborating with relevant influencers, like Instagram influencers, for both niche engagement and broader reach in your influencer marketing campaign.

What is influencer marketing and its benefits?

Influencer marketing can bring plenty of benefits, especially because it involves collaborating with influential individuals, like Instagram influencers, to promote your brand, product, or service. Some of these benefits include increased brand awareness, credibility, and engagement while being a cost-effective strategy within your marketing budget.

What is an example of influencer marketing?

Imagine a sports clothing brand aiming to reach fitness enthusiasts in Singapore upon launching their latest line of activewear. Instead of traditional advertising channels, they engage an influential figure within the Instagram fitness community in Singapore, known for their successful influencer marketing campaigns. This influencer, with a follower base dedicated to health and fitness, shares content showcasing the brand's new collection - from trendy workout outfits to durable gym equipment. The influencer then promotes the brand further by providing discount codes to encourage sales.

This example shows influencer marketing in action, demonstrating how it's possible to leverage an influencer's existing audience reach for effective brand promotion and sales.


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