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Why Choose Micro-Influencer Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Influencer Marketing is defined as a form of marketing that taps onto the influence of key opinion leaders to deliver a brand’s message through channels where they thrive in. In the context of this article, Social Media Platforms. 

The benefits of utilizing these online platforms are further amplified with 42% of shoppers in a global study highlighting their preference for using social media as their research home ground before purchase. In Singapore, channels such as Instagram and the recent phenomenon, TikTok, are leading the online pack as the go-to marketing channels for impactful campaigns. 84.6% of the entire internet population are active social media users. Which explains why influencers across all industries, no matter the niche, have gained some form of credibility among their followers. 

This Marketing phenomenon has pivoted agencies across the globe to offer connecting Brands with Influencers as part of their service. It is obvious that while the strategy is new, the result it produces far exceeds many other forms of marketing. The strategy has levelled out the marketing playground and made it highly accessible for every brand, big or small, to gain quality traction. 

#1 - Time Saver

As the saying goes, Time is money. While you can certainly execute any campaigns on your own, Marketing agencies exist for a reason. The reason is to alleviate your workload by doing the leg work for you. Opting for an agency is more than just monitoring campaigns. The value they bring to your brand is the ability in connecting you with suitable influencers. These industry professionals live and breathe social media. It is their job to predict trends and be ahead of the game. Competition is stiff in Singapore, and engaging influencers is more than just selecting who has the most number of followers. 

#2 - Resource Access

Marketing Agencies in Singapore work with a dedicated pool of influencers across different niches. It is their job to establish the necessary connections to ensure that their clients are able to optimize their reach in their selected target. One thing to understand is that strategies become old quickly. Marketers, while monitoring campaigns, are also eyeballing potential influencers that their Brands may leverage for effective engagement rates. This is why they are always on the hunt for budding nano/micro-influencers that are still reasonable for your budget and have the ability to reach your goals. Marketers run the figures and do the necessary background checks so that you are able to simply say “Yes” or “No”. 

#3 - Creative Content Execution 

Competition is stiff in Singapore. While quality products speak for themselves, it does not hurt to have a bit of the Marketing helping hand for the good work to spread. This is what impactful Influencer Marketing achieves. They bring your brand to life by attaching a relatable persona to it. Micro-influencers especially,  create a desire for your brand through their creative advocacy. @zakiv4 is a prime example. His TikTok claim to fame is his “Judging People by …” series. People liked his simple yet creative delivery and this caught the eyes of Mcdonald's Singapore. In the latest Singapore Laksa Burger campaign, they engaged @zakiv4 to produce aTop 3 McDonald’s Burgers short TikTok video that has been played 97.3k times on the platform. 

#4 - People-focused Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing at its core is about using people as a channel to ensure that delivered messages have a touch of humanity to them. Gone are the days when words are effective. Audiences today are after the personal touch. Brands are turning from inanimate objects into characters embodied by associated Influencers. Therefore, Micro influencer Strategy has made leaps in the advertising industry and transformed many people into small key opinion leaders almost overnight. Why? Because the human touch matters. It enables a brand to feel, empathise and relate to the following. It makes people feel heard and understood. Which explains why engagement KPI value is more sought after than the number of followers.

Final Words. 

The digital realm has exerted a powerful influence over our purchasing habits and the manner in which we conduct our product research. In a recent study conducted, using social media platforms over Google search is the current upward trend in today’s generation. Marketers all over are responding to this through laser-focused eyeballing of relevant micro opinion leaders that are driven not by the follower numbers, but by the credibility of their word. In order to always have the first (and largest) slice of the pie, it may be wise to engage a micro-influencer marketing agency to assist you in achieving the best-optimised returns.

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