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How to Choose the Right Singapore Social Media Influencer

Convincing an audience group into investing in your Brand takes a lot of work. Especially when people today are more informed and discerning about what image they would like to be associated with. 

A personal recommendation typically does the trick in persuading anyone to try the brand. They make a world of difference when the product/service has been trialled before by a figure that the audience trust and resonates with. This is why Influencer Marketing has redefined the strategy mix for a brand to succeed. Just last year, the growth was recorded to be an 18.8% jump from 2021. When partnered up meaningfully, Brands can benefit more than just awareness from the Influencer(s), they will be able to gain more authority, and credibility and nurture a lasting audience relationship. 

#1 Finding an Influencer who Aligns with your Brand Values 

“A needle in a haystack …” applies here. With the popularity and accessibility of online platforms, influencers - both budding and celebrity status - are EVERYWHERE. Any niche you can think of, there are at least a dozen full of them. And for good reasons. The audience market is diverse. However, one common baseline is engaging a social media influencer in Singapore that enhances your brand valuation. Simply put, it is about searching for The One that believes in your offering, and the rest will come naturally. 

#2 An Influencer who Appeals to your Target Audience

The #1 rule in Marketing is understanding your Target Audience. Their likes, dislikes, interest and so on. The next is determining if the selected influencer is able to reach them. For instance, if your Brand sells male fashion, it would make a lot more ROI sense if you target gentlemen instead of ladies. HOWEVER, if it coincides with a special occasion such as Valentine’s, then it will be effective if you are gearing your ads towards gifting for your significant other. 

#3 Assess the Influencer’s Reach and Engagement (Likes and Comments) Performance

In other words … Gauging their KPI. Before initiating the first point of contact, it is essential that you conduct some simple background research such as the interactivity quality they have with their following before the recent collaborations. Beyond that, it is also to have a sensing whether they are right for your brand image. Eg. An organic soap brand will not partner up with someone that was promoting chemical-laden shampoo. 

Look out also for recurring brands’ posts done in different periods because that is a good indication that the collaboration is positive. 

#Finding an Influencer that Genuinely wants to Support your Brand

As easy as it may sound, this is actually quite a challenge. While you may have dutifully done the necessary to ensure that this Influencer has the necessary to deliver the results, it can still go wrong. Numbers only tell you so much information, but in order to foolproof your campaigns and future-proof your partnership intentions, a one-on-one meeting may be something you want to explore. Getting to know an influencer outside the digital frame enables you to empathetically determine if he/she will assist your Brand to go further. Seeing them in real-life action may enable you to ascertain some factors and avoid certain red flags that are not detectable online. 

Bear in mind, this person is potentially the lifelong brand extension. You can never be too careful and a wrong engagement cost heftier than a cup of get-to-know-you coffee!

In conclusion … 

The correct social media influencer in Singapore can empower your Brand to grow and develop in the direction you have in mind. Longer-term relationships as a result of putting in sufficient effort in locating The Right One can impact more than the success of your Marketing campaigns. 

Brands do more than just satisfy a need. - They curate a lifestyle, an ideal that their target audience should experience. Influencers offer the visioning for their following to convert them into your Brand loyals.


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