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How Influencers Build Genuine Relationships with Their Audiences

August 15, 2023

Traditional Marketing adopts a mass media strategy to reach as many people as possible. How Brands could possibly increase their conversion rate is to place ads at likely districts and neighbourhoods to capture the target audience. 

In contrast, Influencer Marketing prioritises quality message penetration. 

The role of an influencer today has evolved tremendously. 5 years ago, influencers were merely the pinboard inspirations we look at whenever time allows. Today, they are role models that we (actively or subconsciously) identify with. 

How Influencers Build Genuine Connections With Their Audience 

In order to continuously and organically grow their base, influencers rely on relatability and resonance. They want people to use them as a point of reference. 

#1 Authenticity as the Foundation 

Being real, in particular, to today’s generation, is especially important. Gone were the days when we portrayed a “make-believe” alternate reality of the lives we lead. With TikTok’s growing affluence on the audience today, it is clear that everyone prefers imperfections. We enjoy knowing that we are not alone in any form of situation. We like understanding that it is something everyone faces. Therefore, you will notice that a lot of content creators rely on creating similar consensus with their videos.

It is this sort of relatability that nurtures the connecting bridge between their audience and themselves. In this, the value of the relationship now feels like a friend-to-friend. With no additional glitz and glamour, we see how personable the person really is. From a psychological standpoint, we will be naturally drawn to them and trust whatever they say. 


Image Credits: @valdasaur

#2 Fostering Engagement and Interactions 

One of the many benefits of being entirely authentic is the influence it has on engagement values - and this is important for a content creator.

Due to the nature of how algorithms function, influencers leverage being approachable to foster deeper bonds with their audience. Even with TikTok, it is based on the interactions you have with the content type. 


You will then notice the new wave of influencers typically responds to comments left on the post or acknowledges it by “liking” them. 

#3 Social Listening

Sometimes it pays to listen. In this case, we are talking about Social Listening. Meaning, paying close attention to what your target audience is concerned with. This is one of the mixes in successfully strategising for relatable content. By being in tune, you naturally are able to trend-spot through insights gathered and design your narrative to fit into the mould. As a result, optimising the potential for your content to go viral. This is one of the many proactive approaches that an influencer can take to nurture organic growth. Social listening takes advantage of #FOMO to leverage discussions and angles that will allow influencers to stay at the top of their game. 

#4 Empathy and Relatability 

Another core ingredient that allows influencers to foster an enduring and genuine connection is showing empathy. 

A relatively “new” attribute but gaining fast momentum, Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Relatability is the quality of being able to easily form social or emotional connections #samesamebutdifferent

Illustrating empathy is a very human-like attribute that is very important in the online sphere, when everything is almost “cold’. This is why, brands portion a huge part of their budget to enlist faces as their brands ambassadors. 

Consistency and Reliability 

As with every other thing, consistency and reliability are important attributes that influencers take a lot of pride in. Eg. Pewdiepie, a global YouTube content creator relied on keeping his word of releasing daily content to climb (and stay) at the top. This still continued on when he became a sensation. This adds so much to his authority and credibility that worldwide, brands that he promotes (whether on a one-time basis or more), frequently sell out. This is the influence brands by into when engaging with authentic content creators. 


The takeaway for Brands is to make informed decisions. There are far too many influencers out there that accept any jobs that come their way. Not without rhyme or reason, these influencers are trying to garner their brand awareness #respectthehustle It is more important today than ever to perform thorough background checks and ask the right questions if you are thinking of engaging an influencer as the extension of your brand. The reason is simple: By having the right and suitable influencer on board, you achieve more than just brand awareness. You get brand conversions that actualise in terms of sales and other tangible means. You bypass a few stages within the funnel and stand a better chance of having a loyal consumer for your brand. 


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