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Highlights of X10 Media at the Marketing Excellence Awards 2022

December 9, 2022
Behind every memorable and successful marketing campaign, is a Team of dedicated Marketers, pulling their weight in from their expertise. The annual Marketing Excellence Awards celebrates these unsung heroes.  SO … WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? Presented by Marketing-Interactive, a leading source of advertising, marketing & media news in Asia, the award recognizes outstanding work in […]
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What to Consider When Working with KOLs in Singapore

October 25, 2022
The discourse on whether Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or Influencers are the same has been ongoing. There are striking similarities between both groups: (1) Being the point of reference to a niche (2) Owing the ability to sway purchasing decisions (3) Active advocacy to something they truly believe in.  What sets KOLs apart from Influencers […]
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Top Qualities Malaysia Instagram Lifestyle Influencer Have

October 18, 2022
Like the melting pot of delectable cuisine, Malaysia is known, and the country’s social media game is diverse and definitely on-point. Varied content streams creatively from content creators suggest the competitiveness of the influencer industry. This means good news for Brands looking to establish their presence there.  The country’s unique culture has defined its advertising […]
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Instagram Influencers VS Paid Ads: Best Approach for Your Brand

Ads are defined as a way of public communication of a product, brand, or service. The goal is to promote awareness and interest.  With digitalization, ads have found their way onto the internet sphere. As a strategy, they are a cost-effective option that provides relatively high flexibility and dynamism that traditional ads lack. Digital Ads […]
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5 Food Influencer Content Ideas to Promote Your Product

Especially in Southeast Asia, where we are globally acclaimed to be a melting pot of gastronomy flavours, food literally is the answer. It is an easy hack to increase followers and build brand credibility because let's be honest, who does not *need* food. How else would the saying “Food is the way to the heart” […]
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The Cost of Hiring Singapore Influencers

There has been much buzz about a particular Marketing Strategy called Influencer Marketing. Results from this action plan have been commendable in positively impacting a Brand, especially in Singapore where 92% of us own a least one smart device. With astounding ROI, brands are accelerating their efforts to collaborate with Influencers of different scales. It […]
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Instagram Influencers vs Ads: Best Approach for Your Brand

The Marketing landscape has been dynamically shaped as we revolutionize the manner we go through our day with technology. We face ads. As marketing professionals, we constantly address concerns over which is better - Influencer Marketing or Paid Ads.  First of all, we clarify the intention of both. They function to connect Brands to potential […]
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A Startup’s Guide to Influencer Agency in Malaysia

It is no news that Influencer Marketing has reshaped the Marketing scape. The highly customizable framework has propelled the strategy’s success.  While it is encouraged that every brand adopts this approach as part of their overall plan of action, we believe that you should first understand if the steps and decide if your brand needs […]
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Top Qualities of Malaysia Instagram Lifestyle Influencers

September 6, 2022
A quick Google search of trending Marketing strategies would definitely highlight “Influencer Marketing” as one of them. With social media gaining popularity rapidly, it is almost instinctive for the online platform to capitalize on this.  From a study conducted in 2020, about 28.4 million out of 32.4 million Malaysians have access to the internet. This […]
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How to Set Up and Measure a TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign

August 24, 2022
TikTok has become more than an overnight sensation. Slowly, but surely, it has climbed its way to the hall of fame with the social channel big boys.  The social channel has the potential to reach millions due to how dynamic its infrastructure is, and requires a content strategy that is quite unlike the others. Typically, […]
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