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A list of top Micro-influencers: Lifestyle, Parent, Fitness and Beauty Influencers Singapore in 2022

According to CMSWIRE, micro-influencers are smaller social media influencers with a following of 1000 –100,000.

It is often more difficult to find micro-influencers as you have to be involved in the community to be able to spot these rising stars.

But before we go into the list of top micro influencers for each space, let's find out the benefits of using micro influencers over big-name influencers.

Why should you use Micro-Influencers over Big name influencers?

Micro-influencers are usually more affordable than experts or celebs with millions of followers. They charge less for promoting a product or social media campaign in Singapore, and they agree to collaborate only if the product meets their values and the needs of their audience.

This means that the trust between the micro-influencer and their audience is often more enduring than those between big-name influencers and their fans.

Started in 2016 before the Micro-Influencers Marketing wave came, X10 Media was one of the early players who started moving this industry.

With that, the team had the honour to shape the growth of this industry over the years and accumulated huge experiences & learnings from over 500 social media campaigns executed for brands including Rayban, Pandora, Ricola, VIVO Smartphone, Owndays, Capitaland & etc.

Managing a strong network of close to 1,000 social media micro-influencers with a combined network of 7 million reach across Singapore & Malaysia.

Here is a list of our Top Micro-influencers for different categories in Singapore ( Not in any particular order ):

Parenting Micro-Influencers

1. princessezyt

A mummy to 3 beautiful children and a lifestyle parenting influencer. She often holds giveaways and posts about the latest promotions, she is definitely the go-to influencer when it comes to snatching good deals! A quick scroll on her Instagram would bring you to adorable pictures of her young ones. Her feed mainly revolves around parenting items, however, she also posts pictures related to food, beauty and fashion. She is certainly a tech savvy parent!

2. nicolewonng

A mommy to 2 beautiful girls, she manages to be a parenting influencer and still look beautiful! Her Instagram doesn’t only cover parenting, but she also loves to blog about her personal life ( beauty, fitness, travel, food) and style, which makes her much more popular to many women. Right now, she has almost half a 9000 followers on Instagram, which is covered with cute photos of her entire family living life!

Beauty Micro-Influencers

3. valerieyeehung

With 11.5k followers on Instagram, Valerie is a young woman budding in the beauty scene as she frequently posts about the current beauty products she is using! She posts reviews and holds giveaways on beauty, hair and skincare products. Occasionally, she also posts about food, the latest apps/gadgets and her personal life! She enjoys going out to nice places with her friends and is often seen posting stylish photos with a picturesque view!

4. piinkmasquerade

With almost 6.2k followers on Instagram, as the winner of Miss Flawless Skin and Miss Bikini Asia of 2016, she’s proven her success in the industry! With such flawless skin, people often flock to her Instagram to find out what beauty products she uses to keep her skin so youthful and flawless. Her pictures are very eye-catching and of great quality, she posts detailed reviews and descriptions of beauty, hair and skincare products. A family-oriented person, her love for her family and boyfriend is constantly seen on her Instagram as well!

5. heyitsfel

Known for her one-of-a-kind and visually appealing shots, it’s clear that beauty influencer Felyn has portrayed her own personality and style on her Instagram feed. Every product is described (down to the tiniest detail) on how she uses them, and she isn’t afraid of being brutally honest with her followers. Felyn’s Instagram feed is the epitome of a beautiful, magical wonderland filled with warm colours and a comfy aesthetic!

Fitness Micro-Influencers

6. mandithezebra

Other than being a beauty, Mandi is also a fitness influencer in Singapore who places great emphasis on health and keeping fit. Other than being a Certified Fitness Trainer for big fitness brands for UFC, F45 and Golds Gym Siglap, she was also Miss Universe SG 2017 Top 10 and Miss Singapore Chinatown 2013 😍 Deeply passionate about fitness, her well-toned physique is a result of his hard work and dedication throughout the years. Mandi is often seen sharing her workout regime, training schedule and healthy diet tips on her feed.

7. minicolee

Nicole is one of the biggest Instagram fitness micro influencers in Singapore with a huge following of 32.1k on Instagram. She encourages everyone to be comfortable in their own skin and inspires others to feel more confident about themselves. She isn’t afraid of trying new things and often inspires her followers by taking part in various fitness activities such as Aerial, Pole dancing, F45 training and Yoga (she is even a 200 RYT certified yogi — which means that successfully completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training that is registered with Yoga Alliance).

F&B Micro-Influencers

8. sweetsncrackers

As a food influencer in Singapore, Vivian with 13.7k Instagram followers believes that good things are meant to be shared. Filled with mouth-watering photos of food across a variety of choices, her Instagram feed has the ability to make one drool uncontrollably. Her followers will never miss out on a good food deal! Other than posting eye-catching and colourful photos of herself at eateries and nice cafes, Vivian also enjoys travelling and posting lifestyle related content 😊

9. wendisy

Mom-to-be influencer Wendi definitely knows her hidden gastronomic gems of Singapore; with her idiosyncratic opinion on F&B she definitely knows how to capture her crowd — catering to the ever-trawling foodies that are always looking for the next grub to fill their cravings! 😊

Lifestyle Micro-Influencers

10. jwennn

Jermane is a lifestyle content creator with a 19.6k following on Instagram. She posts about beauty, food, fashion and the latest trends/gadgets. Her outgoing personality and bubbly looking feed is what draws followers to her Instagram 😍 She puts in a lot of effort on her sense of style and posing, you can never find a boring photo on her feed 😊

11. cheowster

Chelsea is highly active influencer with 7.1k followers on Instagram, partnering with renowned and diverse brands like Sudio, Belif, Seagate, Logitech, and Pantene. Other than being a lifestyle influencer, she is a young driven goal-oriented woman who works in the Finance industry under AIA. Her feed is filled with heart-warming family photos, aspirational travel spots, and stylish everyday fashion 😍

Looking for Micro-influencers for your next campaign?

At X10 Media, we have a network of hundreds of micro-influencers ready to create a buzz with their loyal fans for your next campaign.

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